The USS Constitution Museum’s U.S. Marine Corps. Birthday breakfast started the morning with colors next to USS Constitution, followed by breakfast with Major General Charles L. Hudson, USMC (Ret.) who provided remarks on leadership in challenging times.
During the breakfast program the museum honored Lieutenant William Sharp Bush, the first U.S. Marine Corps. officer to be killed in combat aboard USS Constitution.
During Constitution‘s engagement with the British frigate HMS Guerriere on August 19, 1812, the two ships collided, allowing for the possibility of Constitution’s Marines to board the enemy ship and engage in hand-to-hand combat. Bush, as commander of USS Constitution‘s Marine Guard, turned to Captain Isaac Hull and called “Sir, shall I board her?” Before he could receive a reply, a British musket killed him instantly.
Immediately after the breakfast program, the Unit then boarded USS Constitution to render honors during the ship’s Veteran’s Day 21-Gun Salute.