smyth coverThe US Marines reportedly had their own drill manual but no record has been found.  Lt. Col. Cmdt. Wharton refers to it in some of his correspondence but none of the researchers we are aware of have come across any copy or excerpt of said manual in the archives at HQMC or the US National Archives.

The 1812 Marine Guard therefore uses the most common infantry manual of the period, that produced by US Army Colonel Alexander Smyth.  (To view the manual simply click on the image.)


Marines and army units prior to the age of telephone and radio communications used musicians “musics” to send all forms of communications, from waking the troops to calling them to meals to sending orders in battle.  The manual here is an updated version of the period “A New, Useful, and Complete System of Drum Beating” written in 1812 by Charles Stewart Ashworth then the Drum Major for the United States Marine Corps.  This modern edit allows a 21st century musician to interpret the music more easily. (To view the manual simply click on the image.)