The 1812 Marine Guard heads-up the U.S. Marine Corps’ period musketry training station for the weeklong schedule of events onboard ship and on the pier. The 9-Gun Teams of 12 are given a brief history about the period Marine Corps musket and the steps required in the firing evolution.
The training program kicks-off at 7:30 AM and continues throughout the day with the last gun team completing the training program at 5:50 PM.
Each gun team was introduced to the musket and the step-by-step loading and firing evolution. After the initial instruction, the CPO selectees then fired through the load-by-word evolution prior to their unassisted timed firing evaluation. Each gun team rose to the challenge and performed admirably during their training program with the 1812 Marine Guard.
On both Fridays, USS Constitution went underway in Boston Harbor with the chiefs and ship’s crew for two underway trips during CPO Heritage Weeks.